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Scholarship Competition


Washington Schools and Microsoft IT Academy

The results are in and we are pleased to announce the school names with the winners of the 2015 Microsoft Office Specialist Washington State Championship!

  • Kalama Jr Sr High - MOS Word 2013
  • Walla Walla High School - MOS Excel 2013
  • Kalama Jr Sr High - MOS PowerPoint 2013
  • Walla Walla High School - MOS Word 2010
  • Walla Walla High School - MOS Excel 2010
  • Walla Walla High School - MOS PowerPoint 2010

Click here to view the winning schools on the official MOS Washington State Championship website.

Congratulations to all the winners, and we wish the students representing Washington State the best of luck as they all prepare for the Microsoft Office Specialist National Championship.

Continue to strive for your greatness!


Microsoft and CCI Learning Actualization Specialist Lee John Solda conducted a Microsoft IT Academy training Session on Monday, May 11, 2015! Here is the recap and selfies galore! - Feel free to tag the photos and share




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Does your school rank in the top 10 by pass rate? Stay up to date with the latest news on performance, events, promotions, and more in our new facebook group intended for Washington State Schools. Join the group by clicking here and be sure to share the group with fellow teachers in Washington State!


Sophomore Taylor Lehman earns her Master Microsoft Office Specialist 2010 Certification

Taylor Lehman, a sophomore at Auburn Mountainview High School, was the 16th student at AMHS to obtain Master Microsoft Office Specialist Certification back in March. Stay tuned because AMHS will soon announce their 25th Master student!



CCI Learning Washington State Scholarship Winners Announced


CCI Learning and The Office of the State Superintendant of Public Instruction (OSPI) are please to announce the winners of the CCI Learning Scholarship Competition for Washington State certified students. Click here to read the full press release.

To view the official competition rules, please click here.

UPDATE! Kalama Middle/High School presented their student winner, James Willman with this enormous check for his scholarship!



Walla Walla High School created a wall of fame for their 354 Microsoft Office Specialist certificates! Congratulations Walla Wall students! Great work! Watch the video below...


Microsoft IT Academy Program (ITA)

OSPI and Microsoft have partnered to provide the Microsoft IT Academy (ITA) to all Washington high schools. Microsoft ITA will bridge the gap between the world of education and the world of work. It will boost Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education statewide and the employability and global competitiveness of students and future workforce. The Microsoft IT Academy program provides training and certification in a number of Microsoft products, as well as advanced topics, including programming, Web development, and database development.

Microsoft Office Specialist Certifications 

OSPI has partnered with CCI Learning Solutions to provide free Microsoft Office Specialist Certification exams to students, faculty and staff at high schools across Washington State.

With the launch of Microsoft Office 2010, Microsoft Office Specialist exams are more popular than ever. A Microsoft Office Specialist certification helps validate proficiency in using Microsoft Office 2010 and meets the demand for the most up-to-date skills on some of the latest Microsoft technologies.

Earn a Microsoft Certification to enhance career development path and growth opportunities

Achieving a Microsoft Certification is a great way for educators to stay current in their technology areas and for students to enter the IT workforce with proven technical skills.

According to the Annual Microsoft Certification Program Survey, 51 percent of hiring managers use / consider certification as hiring criteria. Microsoft Certification exams measure one’s ability to perform real-world tasks. These rigorous exams go well beyond testing product knowledge. Test takers are presented with situations in which they must apply their knowledge, analyze technical solutions, solve problems, and make decisions.

Microsoft Technology Associate Certification (MTA)

OSPI has partnered with CCI Learning Solutions to provide a pool of Microsoft Technology Associate certification exams to students, faculty and staff at high schools across Washington State.



Register to Learn More!


Thank you for visiting the Washington Schools IT Academy Microsite. To further help you in implementing the program at your school, we have outlined the steps required to obtain all of the information that you will need. If you have any questions, please contact us at
1.       View a recorded webinar presented by Microsoft that showcases the features and benefits of being an IT Academy. This one-hour presentation will ensure that you are adequately prepared to use the IT Academy in your school. Click here to access the Washington Schools Moodle site and go to section 12 for the recorded webinar “ITA Benefit Overview and First Steps”.
2.      Attend a live meeting presented by CCI Learning Solutions about IT Readiness and the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) and Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification programs. This live meeting is approximately 2 hours in length and is necessary to fully understand what is required from an IT perspective. Click here to access the calendar and sign up for the “MOS Testing Center Administration Set-up and Registration” live meeting. 

Washington State Certification Leaderboard


Congratulations to the top 10 schools in Washington State for the period ending May 21, 2015 based on Certification Pass Rate:

  • Kentlake High School - 88.00%
  • Lindbergh Senior High School - 85.26%
  • Shelton High School - 78.31%
  • Moses Lake High School - 71.52%
  • Hazen Senior High School - 69.86%
  • Camas High School - 69.74%
  • Sequim Senior High - 69.28%
  • Tumwater High School - 68.17%
  • Kentridge High School - 64.68%
  • Central Valley High School - 64.63%

* Minimum of 15 uploads

*Pass rate is determined by the number of exams passed compared to the number of exams attempted.

Congratulations to the top 10 schools in Washington State for the period ending May 21, 2015 based on total Certifications:

  • Kalama Jr Sr High - 867 certifications passed
  • Walla Walla High School - 845 certifications passed
  • Kamiakin High School - 800 certifications passed
  • Glacier Peak High School - 720 certifications passed
  • Tumwater High School - 628 certifications passed
  • Shelton High School - 607 certifications passed
  • Richland High School - 485 certifications passed
  • Camas High School - 483 certifications passed
  • Southridge High School - 445 certifications passed
  • Hazen Senior High School - 415 certifications passed**
  • Mount Vernon High School - 415 certifications passed
**Two schools this week are in joint 10th Place!

Congratulations to the top schools in Washington State for the period ending May 21, 2015 based on total MTA Certifications:

  • Pullman High School - 29 certifications passed
  • Central Valley High School - 26 certifications passed
  • Hanford High School - 20 certifications passed
  • Wenatchee Valley Technical Skills Center - 16 certifications passed
  • Cedar Heights Junior High - 16 certifications passed
  • Clark County Skills Center - 15 certifications passed
  • Puget Sound Skills Center - 13 certifications passed  
  • Tahoma Senior High School - 11 certifications passed
  • Kamiakin High School - 10 certifications passed
  • Central Kitsap High School - 8 certifications passed
  • Kentwood High School - 6 certifications passed
  • Cheney High School - 4 certifications passed
  • Kent Phoenix Academy - 3 certifications passed
  • Elma High School - 3 certifications passed
  • Sno-Isle Skills Center - 3 certifications passed
  • East Valley High School (Spokane) - 2 certification passed
  • Kelso High School - 1 certification passed
  • Kittitas High School - 1 certification passed


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